RCT Welcome You To Rowner

Rowner Community Trust collect the community levy to support you in making Rowner a great place to live.

Why not get involved in....

Activities & Events at the Nimrod Centre
Volunteer to tackle any issues or concerns in your community

RCT is committed to....

Reviewing your Levy each year, any increase will be no more than the previous October 'CPI' index, but also subject to a maximum of 5%.

You can pay annually, monthly direct debits, standing order, or if you prefer to pay the full amount by cheque.  All monies go directly to the RCT

To Download a Direct Debit Mandate Form Click Here

The annual levy charges are as follows:

1 Bedroom Flat = £76.50

2 Bedroom Flat = £127.50

2 Bedroom House = £153.00

3 Bedroom House = £204.00

4 Bedroom House = £255.00

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